Modular Diary – 033

Further down the phase/frequency modulation rabbit hole: I’ve played around a little more with the PM vs FM patch (uploaded to the Audulus forum) and got the levels set to recreate the Wikipedia phase modulation gif. The Audulus LFO waveforms are unipolar and I experimented at little, comparing the results with using a bipolar modulating waveform on the linear1 and exponential FM inputs.

I’ve also been looking at how the shapes change depending on whether the modulating frequency is higher or lower than the one it is modulating. The characteristic phase shapes (with amplitude sub-peaks within them) appear when the modulating wave is higher than the carrier, having a much stronger effect in this area than linear or exponential frequency modulation.

  1. This results in a folding effect similar to the phase modulation amplitude sub-peaks in the picture above. 

Modular Diary – 033: Further down the phase/frequency modulation rabbit hole: I've played around a little more with…

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