Modular Diary – 030

Interesting post on Synthtopia today on a web implementation of the 1971 Triadex Muse – a digital algorithmic sequencer. Donald Tillman, who implemented the sequencer in HTML5 and JavaScript, explains on his site that it includes a 31-bit shift register fed by the unusual ‘theme switches’ on the sequencer.

Shift registers are something that I first learned about via Rob Hordijk telling about the workings of his Rungler. In a masterclass on noise generators he explains the basic shift register principles and usage (at around 6′ in the video) before going on to tell a little about the history of how he first came to make use of it in a musical context (from around 10′50″ onwards) – and how a happy accident in that first encounter laid the ground for his Rungler, Benjolin, and Blippoo circuits.

The Audulus forum has also, once again, proved a fertile learning ground with an interesting discussion and example patches in the Rungler thread.

Modular Diary – 030: Interesting post on @Synthtopia today on a web implementation of the 1971 Triadex Muse…

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