Modular Diary – 009

I’ve been thinking of how YouTube seems to have turned out as the channel for sharing modular stuff. Of course one important aspect (in the absence of being able to save patches) is being able to see the modules and how they’re patched together. Another is the many demonstrations of modular gear – almost small performances in themselves.1

Warp records recently published a wonderful (long) interview between Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) and Tatsuya Takahashi, one of the Korg engineers he worked with on the Korg Monologue. Amongst the many topics they cover is Richard’s fascination with synth demos:

I’m a secret nerd-fan of synth demos, mainly vintage ’80s ones currently! Some amazing music has been made as equipment demos, unsung heroes. I collect synth demos. Well, ones that I like. It’s kind of an unclassified music genre…

On can trace that fascination on a gradual scale from his Korg demo to last year’s Cheetah EP – focussed entirely on an obscure 90s synth of the same name.

  1. Mylar Melodies, for example. 

Modular Diary – 009: I’ve been thinking of how YouTube seems to have turned out as the channel for sharing modular…

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