Helge Slaatto performing fuglens flugt at the Vagn Steen memorial exhibition last Friday.

The background is a large print of one of his poems. A digital version of the poem/pattern, as well as a short commentary1 by the poet himself, can be found on CYF’s afsnit P.

And that reminds me of Mariko Kosaka’s knitting patterns.

  1. Typewriter text can be printed in various ways. On a typewriter “treret” (three plain) and “3vrang” (three purl) both fill 6 places, they are precisely the same width. But when printed in booktype that’s not the case.

    I’m not sure how well that suggests a section of a knitted sweater.

    In that case one could talk of a double-reality: both sweater and poem. And I could find a typeface more curly or ‘woven’.

    For me it’s forst and foremost a pattern, a form-poem.

    I ‘read it as a poem’.

    Had I had a computer in 1962, I would surely have presented it with the most ‘patterned’ font I could find. 

Helge Slaatto performing [fuglens flugt](https://rudigermeyer.com/music/fuglens-flugt) at the Vagn Steen [memorial exhibition](http://danskforfatterforening.dk/blog/mindeudstilling-for-vagn-steen-du-vagn-gav-ud/) last Friday. https://rudigermeyer.com/notes/2017-03-06-12-56-17

<a rel="me" class="p-name u-url" href="https://rudigermeyer.com">Rudiger Meyer</a> is a composer interested in the play between traditional concert music and new media.

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