100 Days of Something: 58

Some follow-up on yesterday’s post: Taking a listen to Celeste Oram’s Make it New report on Darmstadt 2014 again, here are the bits I was thinking of:

Celeste describes, at around 19′28″, the young ensembles as a “triple threat”:

Superb performers, with ambitious concepts for new models of musical performance, and their own stable of local composers whose work they champion.

Festival director Thomas Schäfer recognises this:

They are very flexible. They have very good ideas. Their structure is very anti-hierarchical. They are working in another way than ensembles 20–30 years ago.

He also recognises the need for a platform on which this “vivid ensemble scene” can present their art.

Later, at around 70′55″, he asks:

How can we work with the past? If we have a look at the young ensembles’ repertoires we will barely find any music that is older than 10 years, 10–15 years, so this is really something that we need contact to the important repertoire of former times, and try to bring it into a good conversation with current pieces.

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