100 Days of Something: 22

Wrapping up the thread on mindfulness.

Normally I think of mindfulness in terms of attention and presence, but on a podcast I was listening to last week it was framed as “knowing what’s going on in one’s mind without being carried away by it”.

That could also be put as “being able to hold out on discomfort in order to see what’s going on”. Eric Meyer’s lesson in The Manual touched on something similar – putting aside temporary discomfort in order to do something remarkable. I was wondering about what happens when that temporary discomfort slides into becoming a somewhat permanent state.1

I guess the thing is to make sure to reach the point of insight before being numbed by the discomfort.

  1. Joni Mitchell once compared her use of unresolved chords to unresolved emotional states that might last for several days. 

100 Days of Something: 22 “Mindfulness” #The100DayProject https://rudigermeyer.com/notes/2016-05-10-23-14-20

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