100 Days of Something: 18

Mindfulness is the ability to know what’s going on in your mind without being carried away by it.

That’s the phrase that jumped out at me from a podcast I was listening to this morning. And part of not being carried away by whatever it is you’re caught up in, is being able to tolerate the discomfort of the moment for long enough to see what’s going on. That ties in a little with Eric Meyer’s lesson from a few days ago.

Another aspect of being able to discern what is going on, is being able to put aside the stories that we inevitably wrap everything up in. Easier said than done. Putting aside those stories is hard. I guess that’s a story too.

100 Days of Something: 18 “Stories” #The100DayProject https://rudigermeyer.com/notes/2016-05-06-22-56-31

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