101 Words – 007

Today I caught up on the two most recent epiodes of Inquisitive – a podcast on relay.fm in which guests get to talk about their favourite albums*. Dr Drang talked us through The Beatles’ Revolver and Bryan Irace enthused about Radiohead’s Kid A. Similar albums in their (studio) experimentation and both pivotal for the bands that made them. Radiohead’s The National Anthem as a counterpart to the Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows?

*A fascinating series (kicked off with Myke and Faith Korpi talking about The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds) – my only wish is that there could be more musical examples woven into them.

101 Words – 07: .@Radiohead’s The National Anthem as a counterpart to The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows? @_RelayFM rdgr.me/u/19a2kxk

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