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Simple Experiments

I’ve been making some small scale experiments recently with basic web technologies.

For example, a simple slide show of the drawings I originally made to illustrate the musical structures behind an old piece of mine — divided west and (equally) — in which simple CSS transitions open up a new aspect of the drawings in a way which I find quite delightful. A ‘Visual music’ somewhat reminiscent of 90s architecture.

I’ve also been experimenting with what can be done with the SoundCloud API — getting it to trigger the words of the Rilke poem on which Wer jetzt kein Haus hat… is based — in time to the music. A very simple presentation but one which I hope opens up for a more concentrated listening experience by creating a simple point of focus.

I’ve also worked a little more on the web version of half-life. Some tweaks and simplifictions. Check it out here.

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