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A few words on the KlangBasel #twitteropera premiere in the TagesWoche:

These devices [smartphones] also play a large role in Rudiger Meyers “Zwitscher-Maschine”, which here only borrows its title from Paul Klee. Soprano Irina Ungureanu and the Mondrian Ensemble confront new music in a hall of the jazz campus, with the digital world: the libretto is tweeted on the mobile.

It is not only an image of the internet, but also a piece of humankind’s cultural history, since the short texts range from poets like Rumi and Rilke to Marshall MacLuhan or the NSA. Not only the human voice translates that which has been zwittered, the strings and piano also follow the speech rhythm of the tweets, abstracting the digital words into analog, wordless sound.

—Stefan Franzen @TagesWoche

Musical Tweets: A few words on the KlangBasel #twitteropera premiere in the @TagesWocheös-mal-punkig.htm

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Rudiger Meyer is a composer interested in the play between traditional concert music and new media.

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