100 Days of Something: 75

       /\ /\__ _(_)_ __
      / //_/ _` | | '_ \
     / __ \ (_| | | | | |
     \/  \/\__,_|_|_| |_|

I was keen to experiment a little more with translating graffiti into ASCII art using Monodraw. Once again with a correlation between the number of bricks covered by the graffiti and the number of lines in the ASCII grid as a starting point. It’s harder than I thought though, and my efforts this evening haven’t lead to anything I feel vaguely satisfied with. But I’m learning.

One Monodraw feature that I have had some fun playing around with is the built in ‘fonts’.1 One can type in a bit of text and have it translated into ASCII banners of various shapes and sizes. There’s even one called ‘Graffiti’ but I settled on using ‘Ogre’ unaltered for the above – in this case true ASCII text art, rather than text exported as an image.

  1. Based on FIGlet – a program for making large letters out of ordinary text. 

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Rudiger Meyer is a composer interested in the play between traditional concert music and new media.

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