100 Days of Something: 36

I’ve finally gotten round, nearly a month after the event, to writing up the lab report for Frankenstein’s Dansehallerne excursion. I should have it up on the site soon.

Efva Lilja, Dansehallerne’s artistic director, outlined her vision for the institution with an inclusive view of choreography as a field of knowledge that encompasses many different arts and practices:

Choreography offers tools for the composition of movements in time and space and encompasses a wealth of linguistic expressions for action, thought, reflection and awareness.

Her open take on the notion of choreography reminds me of a similar direction within contemporary music: An extended view of composition so as to include aspects not traditionally considered the domain of the composer.

100 Days of Something: 36 “Choreography as a Field of Knowledge” #The100DayProject rdgr.me/u/1mmifmr

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Rudiger Meyer is a composer interested in the play between traditional concert music and new media.

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