100 Days of Something: 26

Last week I missed out on IndieWebCamp, this week it’s SPOR Festival I won’t be attending.

I can however follow the Misheardpedia live stream: a work created for the festival in which Wikipedia articles are (machine) translated from text to speech and then back again, gradually building up a new archive of (misheard) knowledge with all the artefacts the process entails. Sound-art, net-art, and hacktivism is how it’s creators describe it.

Mandy Brown recently published an article on our age of bots interpreting speech and text – one way or the other. She considers current trends in replacing graphical interfaces with language-based ones as a kind of manifestation of Walter Ong’s secondary orality:

…text that works like spoken language, even though it’s written, made ever more strange by being filtered through the uncanny valley of a bot’s impression of that language. Maybe this is a tertiary orality, even—an orality removed first by text, then by bots.

100 Days of Something: 26 “Text-to-Speech-to-Text” @misheardpedia #The100DayProject rdgr.me/u/1g40agv

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