100 Days of Something: 12

I first considered no longer making use of SoundCloud almost two years ago. At the time I shifted to using self-hosted stats for my website (with Piwik), and it bothered me that as soon as I embedded something from SoundCloud (or Vimeo for that matter), a whole lot of tracking came along to the party. I began to see the charm of simply using the HTML5 audio element.*

I haven’t completely made that transition yet. I still have about ten hours of audio up there – a lot of it is material used to share with musicians when preparing pieces, or sound-files needed for performance purposes. I also have two web things that make use the SoundCloud API, but they could potentially be realised in other ways.

The reason I mention all of this is the recent rumblings of trouble on the SoundCloud horizon – but perhaps that’s for another post.

* Not quite as radical as those Brutalist websites, but perhaps a small step in that direction.

100 Days of Something: 12 “SoundCloud” #The100DayProject rdgr.me/u/1v1acm7

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Rudiger Meyer is a composer interested in the play between traditional concert music and new media.

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