101 Words – 095

VoiceOver Piece, for Tessa (a South African voice)

Ag ja you know. I mean I've said it a hundred times before. 
You can't just. I mean. Ja.

What we need to do is…
And then we can.

Like ja we should. I mean it's like I said,
But ja you never can tell you know.

No man I'm telling you…
It's not that. 
Ja, no,
It's just that

I don't know.
Ja. I just keep coming back to the same thing again and again, 

And then just when you think…

No. You realize…

I'm not sure what you said.  

Hi, I’m <a rel="me" class="p-name u-url" href="https://rudigermeyer.com">Rudiger Meyer</a>, a composer interested in the play between music, sound, and&nbsp;media.

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