101 Words – 024

Consciousness and understanding. Something else I noticed in my Twitter timeline yesterday was Kristian Leth’s post of an interview between Richard Dawkins and Deepak Chopra: An exchange between two formidable minds with very different points of view. Asked for his take on the interview, Kristian replies that Dawkins seldom appears as downtoned as he does here and that Chopra is brilliant in telling of his worldview.

Later on Twitter Kristian asks just what it was that Descartes was thinking – with a string of hashtags touching on the problems (as discussed by Chopra in the interview) resulting from of a mechanistic worldview.

101 Words – 024: Consciousness and understanding. Richard Dawkins interviewing @DeepakChopra. Via @KristianLeth rdgr.me/u/1f2tzxc

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