Altså netop nu

  • Podcast with Lars-Emil Woetmann
  • 74′ 58″

  • 2020

Altså netop nu, is a ‘poetic podcast’ (in Danish) created together with Lars-Emil Woetmann – a little hybrid tot: part conversation, part poetry reading, part modulation and tonal interpretation; arranged for the disturbance of your ear on an otherwise peaceful day.

The eight eight-minute episodes (plus a little epilogue), are based around Lars-Emil’s poems, and appeared on each Friday of May and June, 2020. Our conversation provides a stream in which the poems surface, with questions concerning the role of the state, the aesthetics of poetry, and the upending of the private sphere.

Altså netop nu can be found on the Poetisk Podcast website, or via Apple Podcasts.

I’ve also written a little article tracing the background and process of creating the podcast with Lars-Emil.

Created with support from the Danish Arts Foundation