The Lydfabet is a sound-poetry piece created in collaboration with the Danish poet Vagn Steen. A series of 29 vignettes each lasting 30 seconds. A journey through the Danish alphabet within a quarter of an hour. ⇒

Hi, I’m Rudiger Meyer, a composer interested in the play between traditional concert music and new media. This site, my home on the web, is part documentation, part platform, and part experimental playground. It is also a place for writing – from notes & tweets to more extensive articles.


I recently ‘inherited’ some books from Vagn Steen’s library and have been enjoying the typography and clean design of this little ‘augenblick’ series going back some sixty years.

In the latest episode of On Margins Craig Mod and Lisa Brennan-Jobs discuss the importance of paper quality and texture in relation to the use of whitespace in design.

Web Things

Branches of concert pieces created for the web:


First experiments in creating versions of concert pieces specially for the web. I’ve collected some of my thoughts on this in a few blog posts.