Oskar & Alma

Oskar & Alma is a piece of poetic sound theatre, in podcast form, based around the short, yet life-long relationship between Alma Mahler and the painter Oskar Kokoschka. ⇒

Hi, I’m Rudiger Meyer, a composer interested in the play between traditional concert music and new media. This site, my home on the web, is part documentation, part platform, and part experimental playground. It is also a place for writing – from notes & tweets to more extensive articles.


The roof areas of our apartment building are covered with small plants and it’s great to watch the bumblebees enjoying these patches of green.
Apparently a boon for biodiversity and insect life in cities – the Dutch have even added it to their bus stops: ecowatch.com/dutch-city-bus-stops-into-bee-stops-2639127437.html

Web Things

Branches of concert pieces created for the web:


First experiments in creating versions of concert pieces specially for the web. I’ve collected some of my thoughts on this in a few blog posts.