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A Walk with Bongi through Alex
*excerpt1:late morning *excerpt2:early evening *excerpt3:late evening
A Walk with Bongi through Alex. began nearly 800 kilometers to the south with Bongi Dhlomo-Mautloa's installation in progress at the Grahamstown Festival 2000. The idea emerged of not only showing the visual riches of Alexandra township but also documenting a day in its aural life.
From recordings made over a 24 hour period two and a half minutes were selected from each hour beginning at 9:30 on Sunday morning the 30th of July 2000. read more...


There & Back (excerpts)
"There & Back" is a set of images designed as a visual counterpart to "Two Hockets", a piece for two recorders and maracas. The images are to be triggered from a midi keyboard and beamed onto a screen placed behind the musicians.
This is a fixed version in which both images and sounds have been triggered from MIDI files and saved as a QuickTime movie.


carapace 23.7
23 carapi
kara-p 2. 00 3
"In a recent choral piece of mine based on a collection of texts (Carapace*23) by (mostly) South African poets the image of a number of people crossing at a traffic intersection provided an important point of departure. The individuals, like the poets, having interests as different as their backgrounds, each existing in their own world (shell?), sometimes interacting while passing or bumping into one another, sometimes just finding themselves in the same place as read more...


Popular Memories
These three short pieces are based on recordings made by the Centre for Popular Memory in Cape Town . The Centre builds on the strong sense of oral history often found in Africa by recording people's stories about the past and researching the ways in which these memories play a part in shaping individual and group identities. Besides the content of the stories I became increasingly fascinated with their musical aspects - the pacing, rhythms and inflections that communicate a great deal even if the meaning of the words is obscured.


cash registrations

*cash register 1 *cash register 4 *cash register 5
This set of five short pieces was composed to provide a set of "commercial breaks" designed to fit between a larger cycle of pieces entitled Warenhaus composed by the Swiss composer Felix Profos. The pieces combine transcriptions of cash-register sounds with dutch supermarket melodies.

divided cover

divided west and (equally)

*opening *closing

divided west and (equally) is an exploration of the possibility of travelling through pitch- and time- space either by means of equally distanced steps or by means of proportional divisions, the premiss being that these two types of division represent two essentially different types of hearing.
The intervals of the octave , fifth and fourth are each divided into scales of 5, 3 (6) and 7 equal steps... read more... see more...


Marytation # 48, a "mongrelitorio" involving live musicians, electronic sounds, real and recorded speech and a video projection was created in collaboration with choreographer Rosa Isaldur.
see more...


Roboaagh! is a seven second animation loop with the skyline of Den Haag as its subject. Choose "loop" in the QuickTime playback settings and and watch out for the connections between the visual and aural cycles.


To bloom or not to bloom was the first of three on site performances created with choreographer Rosa Isaldur around exhibitions in the Photomuseum/Museum for Contemporary Art, Den Haag.


Gorrel (man&machine)

A performance/installation using coffee machines and live electronics (Max MSP).


A piece for string quartet  created by transcribing excerpts from daily newsbroadcasts on South African television collected over the space of a week.

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