Love my forest lake
from Atomar, e4:

After the rain
from Atomar, e4:

Atomar, e4: Paddehat i narrens hænder
(Mushroom in the hands of a fool)

You beast in my breast
from Atomar, e3


I shield you
from Atomar, e2.


Drowned in sun and freedom
from Atomar, e2. With captions.

Atomar. E2: Forstadsdroner vender hjem

Atomar, E1: Et vindue åbent

I’m pleased to announce the first episode of Atomar, a (Danish) podcast in 8 episodes based around a collection of 40 poems by Lene Henningsen.
Inspired voice readings by Marina Bouras and Jens Albinus. Piano music and field recordings by yours truly.