Modular Diary – 072

I made a little more progress on my Audulus Blippoo today, with a pulse-width signal generated from a comparator between the two oscillators and, perhaps most importantly, a form of Twinpeak filter.

Once again I found it very useful to take a look at James Cigler’s demo and overview of the Epoch Modular TwinPeak (despite its somewhat shaky start).

The filter adds a lot of character to the chaotic core of the Blippoo, and its ingenious (again cross-modulating) design makes it a lot of fun to play with. I can imagine it being well worthwhile putting together a standalone version of it for use in other contexts.

A standalone Audulus (µ)module would require a little more thought into how the controls are linked up and presented – for the moment I’ve simply kept everything loosely connected since I’m still in a process of learning and discovering how the different parts affect the whole.

The next step is to implement the sample and hold.

Modular Diary – 072: I made a little more progress on my @Audulus Blippoo today, with a pulse-width signal gen…

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